We develop custom College-Prep courses for private secondary schools in the following subjects:

Our philosophy: all courses are tailor-made to school’s specifications

Student under-achievement can be effectively eradicated by consistent application of student-centered instructional practices in a framework of a coherent, rigorous College-Prep curriculum with well-defined goals aligned to rigorously defined standards. A well-designed, professionally delivered instruction that results in genuine learning must meet the needs of its targeted audience – the students. If students did not learn, then the teaching was not adequate. To provide meaningful, efficient and effective instruction that results in authentic, measurable student progress in learning, the teachers must utilize rigorous research-based strategies and practices. The instruction must result in measurable student progress towards curricular goals.

All students must be held to the same academic standards, because otherwise the provision of high quality education would not be possible. Inconsistencies in standards would preclude the development of aligned, coherent curriculum and therefore would make effective instruction and learning impossible. Only clear learning and performance goals can guide the development of effective instruction that results in measurable student progress. Curricular standards define exactly what students should know at different levels of their education so that student progress can be measured and effective assistance offered to ensure that all students reach goals. Therefore, holding all students to the same academic standards is a policy requirement and the necessary precondition of effective teaching and learning

Instructors must follow a coherent rigorous College-Prep curriculum that facilitates high academic achievement for all students by connecting learning in different contexts across subjects and clearly specifying knowledge content and skills. The effective teaching requires alignment of content in each subject across grades/levels, coherence of instructional strategies in each level, and school-wide policies that create specific, measurable, regularly assessed and modified learning goals for all students. Teachers and schools are accountable for student learning based on the attainment of curricular goals. To provide meaningful, efficient and effective instruction that results in authentic, measurable student progress in learning and performance, the teachers must utilize rigorous research-based strategies and practices.

Furthermore, to orient students toward college studies, students must be provided with clear detailed outline of what their possible paths through high school, University education, and toward careers look like, and what levels of knowledge and skills will qualify them for each specific step along the way. Students must know exactly which skills are necessary to attain a passing grade/ledvel in each test and each course, which courses and in what sequence will enable them to qualify for the next level, and which skills and what levels of performance are necessary for college acceptance. Students should be made aware of the variety of careers, academic fields and college majors. All school students should know about University admission requirements, general education requirements, and specific degree requirements. Mindrocket Consultancy has been assisting students and schools with College Prep course development and academic consulting services since 2008.