We strive for simplicity, efficiency, and transparency

Our Online MBA is perfectly suitable for today’s students that need traditional academic quality delivered through flexible online e-Learning format. Our students come from a great variety of national, cultural and educational backgrounds. Our flexible, career-focused MBA structure allows new students and working professionals to easily accomplish Master of Business Administration at low cost and at their own pace. We are always available to help you throughout your studies.

Our Online MBA Programs are simple. Each program requires completion of 7 modules. The length of time that a student may take to complete the modules depends entirely on the student. Ambitious students can accomplish MBA program in one year. Students can complete their program as soon as they can successfully complete all of the required examinations. Maximum time to complete MBA program is three years.

Each student is provided with detailed Study Plan for each module. The Study Plan contains detailed description of the course, online examinations, and other relevant materials. Each examination is based on the textbook used in this module. All textbooks used for our MBA programs are published by well-known highly reputable publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Harvard University Press, Elsevier, Pearson, and other quality publishers.

Students will receive continuous support and guidance throughout all courses to ensure that their learning experience is efficient, productive, and enjoyable. Our faculty and staff will guide you throughout the duration of your program.

Upon completion of examination, students will receive Master of Business Administration Certificate with Academic Supplement. MBA Certificate is printed on diploma parchment paper to the same specifications as a University diploma. Academic Supplement describes all skills and competencies that were successfully attained. Each certificate is numbered and properly registered with us. Your employer can always contact MindRocket Consultancy to authenticate your MBA.