University Degree Consulting

We prepare detailed study plans and complete curricular maps for majors and degrees at any college or University in UK, US, and English-language International Programs in other counties. Comprehensive plans and detailed curricular maps for Graduate and Post-Graduate studies (Master/MBA and Doctoral) include suggested topics for the up-to-date thesis and dissertation. Our consulting services include:

  • comprehensive analysis of admission requirements and graduation requirements

  • detailed curricular maps including course descriptions and relevant resources

  • individual programs and plans of studies for the chosen degree

MindRocket Consultancy is providing professional services to individual students and educational organizations since 2008. We assist academically gifted and ambitious students achieve first-class University degrees through comprehensive academic analysis and consulting. One of the most important phases of education that may decide the direction and the success of the whole effort is the transition from high school to college. The choice of an academic field and college major must be consistent with student’s goals, interests and abilities. In addition, the education should be geared to the real needs of economy and society at large so that students seeking to advance their knowledge and skills at the considerable expense of time, effort and money should be able to successfully participate in the economic and cultural life of their communities and the nation. Balanced humanistic education must be combined with specialized career education to enable students to successfully continue with graduate and post-graduate studies or pursue successful employment and job satisfaction. To orient students toward college studies, students must be provided with clear detailed outline of their possible paths through University education and toward careers and what levels of knowledge and skills will qualify them for each specific step along the way. Students must know exactly which skills are necessary to attain a passing grade in each test and each course, which courses and in what sequence will enable them to qualify for diploma or degree, and which  skill and levels of performance are necessary for college acceptance, productive studies, and successful graduation. Students should be made aware of the variety of careers, academic fields, and college majors. All students should know about University admission requirements, general education requirements, and specific degree requirements. We assist Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral students to achieve first-class University degrees since 2008. The fee for consulting services is contingent on client’s specific needs and requirements.

A list of exceptional Universities of high quality academic scholarship:

Carnegie Mellon
Virginia Military Institute
Webb Institute
WU Vienna