What We Do

Mindrocket Consultancy has been providing certificates, course development and consulting services to business professionals, college students, private schools and colleges since 2008.

1. We offer Certificates:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA Graduate Certificate)
  • International Business Certificate
  • Business Analytics Certificate
  • Financial Mathematics Certificate

2. We develop customized College-level courses in Mathematics and Mathematical Finance:

  • Business Calculus
  • Econometrics
  • Stochastic Calculus
  • Quantitative Finance

3. We provide academic degree consulting for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral students:

  • comprehensive analysis of admission requirements and graduation requirements
  • detailed curricular maps including course descriptions and relevant resources
  • individual programs and plans of studies for the chosen degree

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries: info@mindrocket.info

Dr. Samuel Horelick, founder/director ~ Mindrocket Consultancy is registered in Richmond, Virginia, USA