Business and Finance

All textbooks are written by experts and published by well-known publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Harvard University Press, Elsevier, Pearson, and other quality publishers.

  • Short Introduction to Corporate Finance by Rau, Raghavendra

  • Microeconomics for MBAs by McKenzie, Lee

  • Modeling Monetary Economies by Champ, Freeman, Haslag

  • China’s Innovation Challenge by Lewin, Kenney, Murmann

  • Corporate Strategy by Puranam, Vanneste

  • Managing Employee Performance and Reward by Shields, Brown, Kaine

  • Organizational Design by Burton, Obel, Håkonsson

  • Communication Skills for Business Professionals by Cenere, Gill, Lawson

  • Financial Markets and Institutions by de Haan, Jakob, Oosterloo, Sander, Schoenmaker, Dirk

  • Introductory Econometrics for Finance by Brooks

  • Applied Nonparametric Econometrics by Henderson, Parmeter

  • Business Ethics by McDonald

  • Principles of Financial Economics by LeRoy, Werner

  • International Human Resource Management by Özbilgin, Groutsis, Harvey

  • International Business Strategy by Verbeke

  • Essential Microeconomics by Riley

  • Operations Management by Jones, Robinson

  • Business Analytics by Evans

  • Macroeconomics in Emerging Markets by Montiel

  • Introduction to Financial Technology by Freedman

  • The FINTECH Book by Chishti, Barberis

  • Microeconomics for MBAs by McKenzie, Lee

  • Corporate Strategy: Tools for Analysis and Decision-Making by Puranam, Vanneste

  • Principles of Microeconomics by Mankiw

  • Concise Guide to Macroeconomics by Moss

  • Guide to Econometrics by Kennedy